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Top Hiking Spots Near Boston You Should Visit

  Are you bored of staying home? It is time to stretch your body and get outside to hit the hiking trails. If you’re planning a trip to escape to nature, Boston is one of the ideal places you should visit this year. The city is famous for popular green spaces, historical sites, and various universities. It is one of the best and lively cities to visit in the USA. Most of the people living in Boston are adventurous, and they love spending time outdoors and specifically during summers. The park and outdoor locations are full of people enjoying activities, playing sports, and many more. Plan your trip, book your flights from   Delhi to Boston , and enjoy some quality time with your friends and family! However, Boston is considered one of the most developed and forward-thinking cities in the world. The essence of culture, innumerable architecture, well-planned corporate buildings, etc., makes it one of the best places. Besides, if you love spending time in nature, it has some of the most